Sunday, July 28, 2013

Feng Zhu environmnet practice 3

Feng Zhu environment Practice piece 3
Like the previous two, I wanted to keep practicing the composition and lighting from one of his works.

Starting to realize that my brushstrokes compared to Feng Zhu's are really soft, I need to figure out how to make mark making more visible so then the images will pop out more. B/c right now some parts are def. looking flat.

This piece took a little longer than my initial 2 hour practice, figuring out the perspective was a little challenge as well, i think i kind of made a mistake on the Toori gate persp. But i do like how the red came out.

Still lots more to do before i can say its complete, especially the background...i was working so much on the foreground i didnt have time to do background..I will work on it some more tomorrow.

Reference image used for this piece
Time: 2hr 30min
Photoshop CS5

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