Thursday, November 27, 2008

SuiSeiSeki ~desu FINISHED~!

Sui Sei Seki from Rozen Maiden, been trying to draw her for a while, but never came up with any good shots. Seems like this ones a good start.


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Check it~!

yeah kinda kool huh... THIS doesnt mean i won...(but it also means that they dont like it) but its pretty sweet that its on the front page of the website. :D
just wanted to keep this.

Saturday, November 22, 2008


Today my dad and i went on a trip to Vancouver, Canada. Ohhh~ Canada~~~!

woke up at 6 am and left home at 7 and started drivin toward canada.

so we had donuts for breakfast.. mmmm donuts...

sun coming up.... but then it started to

71 more miles...till vancouver... almost....


DOWNTOWN~! i'm close!


so i couldnt take pictures inside... so this is the best i can get... but the inside is a lot bigger that you think. :D

heres a terribly taken shot of the sunset being blocked by the trees... i was taking it while my dad was drivin...

Here are the Books I got at BOOK OFF!

Vol. 4,5 of Kannagi: Crazy Shrine Maiden (each $5.00)
Vol. 2,3 of Minami-ke (each $2.00)
Vol. 1,2 of Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight (each $2.00)
Vol. 4 of Eureka Seven ($2.00)
Vol. 3,4 of Gintama (each $2.00)
Vol. ? of Majyoko tsukune-chan + ($2.00)
Vol. 3 of Hyakko ($5.00)
Vol. 12 of Trigun Maximum ($2.00)
Vol. 3,4 of Azumanga Daioh (each $6.50)

Light Novel:
Suzumiya Haruhi no Inbou (vol.7) ($5.50)
Suzumiya Haruhi no Fungai (vol.8) ($4.50)
Suzumiya Haruhi no Bunretsu (vol.9) ($4.50)

Mahoujin GuruGuru Land (rare item) ($2.00)

Total books: 18
Total Cost: $62.50.... so yeah even though i bought some books that were like $5 or 6, it was still a saving of about $3 from the list price at like Kinokuniya bookstore, so i jsut took the advantage. Their all in great condition too, so its very awesome. If i were to use $60 at kinokuniya, i'd only be able to get about 6-10 books.

Books for Piers

Vol. 4, 15,17 of Vagabond (each $2.00)
Vol. 3 of Space Adventure Cobra ($2.00)
Vol. 1,2 of the Legend of Mother Sarah (each $2.00)
Masamune Shirows: Dominion conflict 1 ($7.00)

Total Book: 7
Total Cost: $19, wut a steal, 7 books for only $19.... next time we need to together.. so you can choose your books instead of me... XD

so yeah, BooksOff was pretty sweet, i'd like to go again... after i get more money. XD

Monday, November 17, 2008

Hatsune Miku WIP

So Anime News Network is hosting a Hatsune Miku contest, so i just thought i should try it out, so i finally finished the lineart and got started on the coloring.

its a good chance for me to see how well i do agains the world. XDD kinda..

anyhow these are the steps i tood in completeing this

Sketching - 2 hours
Lineart - 2.5 hours
BaseColor - 1.5 hours
Shading/Lighting - 4 hours... yeah..
total hours spent - about 10 hours.

so yeah wish me luck guys.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Kannagi High

yes i'm obsessed with Kannagi right now... not sure why... XD
but any how, i just made this little wallpaper of kannagi, took a while, but it all turned out fine. gonna have to practice more with the tablet and coloring. yup yup.

now i need to get back to doin my math HW....gross..

Monday, November 3, 2008

Speed Painting GU

just some update on this blog... of just what i've been up to.. with drawing..stuff...i've been trying Speedpainting... (previous blog entry too) its definetly hard.. but its fun and its a good practice...
so here are some that i've been working on.

more to come... i guess