Saturday, September 8, 2012

Hong Meilin Year of Dragon

Yes I know, its already september...kinda too late to announce year of, but at least its still 2012. But to be fair, I did sketch this up in January, I just didnt post the sketch up anywhere XP.

I think I found my style I want to keep when I work on my future piece.

I feel like this picture is dark..on a mac screen, but on a windows screen it looks fine, I guess that makes sense cuz my cintiq is connected to a pc and its kinda like a regular monitor..wish i could figure out a way to configure the color settings to be the same as a mac screen.

Over all I really like how this picture turned out, definitely took a while to cover all the area's but it looks nice. Now its time to work on them commish's.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Preview of next piece!

Mosaic piece of my next work. if you squint your eyes you can see the image..jk

Today I worked on this all day, getting all line art/base color/and half of first stage of shading done...Hopefully i can finish it up tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Victorique de Blois Process

Rough Sketch on paper (Scan 300dpi)

Victorique de Blois

Baaah! Finally finished...after about 3days or so... Im never going to do backgrounds again!! (at least for a while) lol

So this piece/idea is actually kinda old ...I did a sketch of this in... January of 2011, so a little more than a year and a half. But I really liked how the sketch turned out so I wanted to test out my skills.

Still continuing with the new technique I used for the previous Miku piece. Kinda digging the style, just the downside to this techinque is that it TAKES FOR EVER!!!

Anyhow this is Victorique from the light novel/Anime series Gosick...the thing is, I made her look at least 5 years older than she actually looks like, i realized I made her hair more sharp than it should be, and her facial structure should of been more shorter to give the little child appearance. I still have lots to learn..haha

You can see the process here ---> Victorique Process