Wednesday, December 31, 2008

AKE-OME! 2009

Happy New Year!

Just wanted to share u all my intense timeline of my drawing so far!

enjoy! also its on Deviantart, its easier to see it on Deviantart.


Any how i wish u all a happy new year!

Thursday, December 25, 2008



yeah finally complete! the igloo is done! took about 4 days, yeep its huge.




INSIDE! it can totally fit about 6 ppl, if we squeeze, we can prolly fit close to perhaps 8.


From left to right,
Jonathan - my bro's buddy
Kensei - my brother.
Yasu - me
Matthew - little kid with yellow sweater, little bro of Jonathan
Girl in pink jacket - Our i forget her name..XD
Yoshinori - my dad.

yop were done! it was mega fun to make... :D

Saturday, December 20, 2008

FLY HIGH steps

I'm really proud of this work. yop. comments plz

Lineart: about 2.5hours

Background:1 hour

BaseColor: 3hours

Shading/Lighting/Final piece: 2.5 hours


Monday, December 15, 2008

DouBlE ScREen~~!!!!!

yeah, so today i got my mini-dvi to dvi adapter, and finally hooked up the 19" monitor. i'm so hyped! so sweet man!

btw this is where i do all my art... on my mac, and NOW on this 19" screen! yes!!!

behind my mac are my faveorite manga and the haruhi light novels... yeah cant really see

k yeah its awesome!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Good Bye Fall and Welcome Winter!

so yeah the Fall quarter is about to end, Finals week is next week. wohooo....actually its not that bad, cuz all i have is a final for math, and we get to use notes. So it'll be a pretty easy.

I finally finished my Animation project in Bob's class,

This Quarter i guess i would say was the worst quarter yet... English and Math class is not a really good combo to take in one quarter... especially b/c i really dislike writing research papers and solving bunch of math problems... that isnt really nesecary for my Art.

After this quarter i get about 3 weeks of break till next Quarter, so thats good. :D more drawings!
and work on some Azumanga Parody Animation.

My next quarter schedule is ...

History of Jazz
Sculpture 1
Animation Art History.

I kinda like this schedule, its gonna be great. Winter quarter is gonna be a blast, from the looks of this schedule i dont think i'll be getting overwhelmed by HW.