Tuesday, July 9, 2013


 So my friend suggested that I take a look at this manga, so I spent the whole day yesterday reading and finally caught up to manga this morning..haha, its really great. The art style is interesting, quite messy and sketchy, but that gives it a nice look to the style, also its pretty gory, but its kinda funny. I love the subtle humor thats included too.

So I made a fan art of my favorite group from the manga series, this is the En Family. Even though these guys are like the "bad" guys, I really like the setting of their group in the story. 

 So far there is 118 chapters, and I read somewhere that the next volume, guessing its the 19th volume, is going to be the last one...since these are monthly manga, it'll take at least another year for this series to end, kind of sad to hear the news, but this series been going on since 1999, so maybe its a good time?

Sketch done in my Moleskine sketchbook

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