Thursday, June 18, 2009

Remilia Scarlet process

My Process in making Remilia Scarlet picture... made this cuz some one was being so annoying asking for the you know who it is...

Process 1: Lineart ~ 2-3 hours

Process 2: BackGround ~ 30 min

Process 3: Base Color ~ 2 hours

Process 4: Shading/Lighting ~ 3 hours

Process Final: BackGround final ~ 2 hours

Well thats it folks. the process took about ... 10-15 hours all together..
seems like my level of coloring and drawing got a step higher.
so yeah hopefully i can make more kool stuff later on and so on so on....

Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Day Spent Chilling in Canada

So today I woke up at 5:30 AM … yeah, early, but David woke up at 5 am. He came around 6:00 AM to pick me up, and my mom waved goodbye to me at the front door… hoping that David wouldn’t kill me on the way there.

Well, that's where our journey began.…

Our drive up to Canada wasn't too awesome but it wasn’t boring either. We listened to some Japanese songs and just chatted about spiders, worms, and other random things.
Soon enough we got close to the border; time to take out the passports.

Once in Canada, our Google Maps wasn't much of a help, so we used David’s cell phone GPS application which got us to our destination in no time.

Because we got to Book Off an hour early though, we had to waste some time. So we just started roaming around the area, looking at the big buildings, fountains, Starbucks, Starbucks, Starbucks, Starbucks, and more Starbucks… they had 7-11s as well.

The time came, 10:00 AM, Book Off was OPEN! We were the second and third customers to enter.

To put our Book Off search in a nutshell, we stayed there for about 3 hours finding books, picking books, and dropping books. We were able to grab some great finds. :D

After our treasure hunt was over, we had to eat something; we needed to feed ourselves. We decided to eat pho… BUT we searched and searched, but they didn’t have a SINGLE pho restaurant! In Seattle they’re on every corner! Instead they had like a million Japanese restaurants. So we were walked for close to an hour and happened to find a ramen shop called EZOGIKU. Ramen seemed like a good idea, so we decided to eat there. Lo-and-behold, the ramen here was really good! I’m sorry for the Samurai Noodle fans… but Ezogiku totally pwns Samurai…. The noodles were special made egg noodles, resting in a pool of their special miso flavored Ezogiku soup, topped with many vegetables and chashu (pork). And for an extra $3.00 we got mini fried rice and a 4-piece gyoza set!

After our amazing ramen find, we began heading back to the car. On our way back I picked up some Poutine (look it up on wiki or something) for my brother. Continuing on our way, we encountered the craziest thing…

As we walked along the sidewalk, a bunch of people started taking out their cameras and gathering in one area. The reason for this? People were riding their bikes…NAKED! Bare-naked. From young to old, men and women, all riding their bikes… naked. I really don't know what they were trying to do…. Maybe to show freedom? I don't know….

After that traumatizing event we walked back towards the car. I had a couple dollars left, so I went back to Book Off and bought a couple more books and we encountered COSPLAYERS!! Dun dun dun. Way creepy.

So having had a more than eventful day, we headed back to the car and set off on our journey back home.

In the process, however, we got lost and had to once again rely on David’s cell phone GPS to get us back on the right track… which it did, after finding out that we had gone way off course.

We eventually made our way back to the US border, passports in hand, and re-entered the country and were off on our way home.

This time the drive turned out interesting though. Since the roads were clear for the most part, David decided to speed the rest of the way home eventually maxing out at 110 MPH at one point.

The only hindrance to this was the traffic we continually encountered. Jokingly, I yelled “FUUJIN” in a mock effort to get the cars ahead of us to move… much to our surprise the first car did… and then the next… and then the next after that. We were surprised to say the least, and in a hilarious way no less. Soon enough David began saying that the cars “were bowing down to us,” and we began calling ourselves the kings of the road. But that’s just the start…

We inevitably hit traffic which is where we ran into this guy in a blue Corvette. This guy was definitely having fun zipping around the highway. Soon enough the guy ran into this kid in a fully customized black car; we could tell it had been modified for the purpose of street racing. Much to our surprise, we watched as the guy in the Corvette wanted a race with the guy in the custom car. And so they raced, for as little space as they had.

That’s when David decided to punch the gas and we sped right past the both of them at 100 MPH, as they both stared at us with WTF looks on their faces. We ended up getting ahead of them both, but the Corvette guy was out for revenge as he came up behind and eventually overtook us, weaving in and out of traffic.

Meanwhile, the guy in the custom car drove up beside us and we nodded at him receiving a nod in return, both of us laughing all the while. Anyways, back to the race. The guy in the custom car tried to catch up to Corvette guy with no success. We, however, didn’t feel like backing down and giving up.

David sped up his car and began weaving in and out of traffic. Leaving custom car guy far behind us, we caught up to Corvette guy soon enough. He decided to get into our lane just ahead, as David weaved around and overtook him. At that very moment, Corvette guy exited the highway and forfeited the race.


In a crappy stock Nissan no less! We beat out American muscle and a fully-customized street racing car in a crapmobile plastered with Pedobear and Longcat pictures. Suffice it to say, we appropriately renamed ourselves The Street Kings.

Thoroughly amused by our recent win we sped home the rest of the way, discussing our recent escapades and figuring out how we could turn it into a hit manga; a manga which we decided to entitle The Legend of Street King Fuujin.

Anyways, on our way home we decided to pay Piers a visit and drop off the manga we got him at and during his QFC job.

After hanging around for a little while David drove me home where my mom was again waiting at the door and staring outside… she welcomed me back…. David dropped me off and after our goodbyes he was off to go home.

And so our epic day trip end, as we hoped to bring more people with us next time to spend some time in Vancouver, Canada.
The end.

Our Purchases.
Yasu's List:

Angel Densetsu Vol 1, 4 - 10: each $2.00
Hayate no Gotoku Vol 1 - 13: each $2.00 (missing vol. 11)
Kaze no Tani no Nausicaa Vol 1 - 7: $2.00~$4.00
Gakuem Utopia Manabi Straight Vol 3: $2.00
Sugoi yo Masaru-san! Vol 1-2: $2.00
Tsubasa Resovoir Chronicle hard Cover Vol 1: $2.00
School Rumble Vol 15: $2.00
LR girls detective Team Vol 1: $2.00
Total Manga: 33
Total Cost: $73.50

David List
$3.50 ea. = Fuan no Tane Plus v1, 3, & 4
$2.00 ea. = Spiderman v1 & 2
$4.50 = Arakawa Under the Bridge v1
$5.50 ea. = Kodomo no Jikan v1 & 2
$5.50 = Highschool of the Dead v5
$2.00 ea. = Outlaw Star v1, 2, & 3

Total = $41.50 + 5% tax = $43.58

Not included: Piers' Vagabond stuff