Tuesday, April 30, 2013

digital painting practice 18

Character design numero dos~!
This character was based off of Little red riding hood. In like ahhh different kind of world..steam punk? idk haha

This character was pretty much made from a fantasy story idea i had for a while about little red riding hood and fable stories in one world. I have some of the story written out, but i havent really gotten into any detail of the character and such.

Still not too sure of the color, especially the eyes and hair, that was just kind of on the moment. Might change to like blue eyes to balance the colors. maybe the eyes can change like Kurapika when enraged!!! haha orz.

Time: 2.5hours

Monday, April 29, 2013

digital painting practice 17

Concept art character design, gonna be starting on making some character designs. I have alot of designs in my moleskine sketchbook so i'll be basing the characters off of that, but choosing color and figureing out poses and such is hard and time consuming.

This was the very first character design i made in my moleskine that i liked, not too sure about the color...so if you have any opinion please let me know! :D

This character is a mailman who travels around the world (probably a fantasy world) delivering mail.
I am probably going to make couple environment paintings with this character in various environments focusing on color, lighting/shading.

Time: 2.5hours
Photoshop CS6

Sunday, April 28, 2013

digital painting practice 16

Hahaha i cant paint hair...something i need to practice, looks like Saitama from OnePunch Man... at first i wanted to paint a bird getting fed by the angel, but that seemed kind of boring, so i changed it into a dragon looking at another dragon being created by the angel.

hmm there are some errors with the lighting, not sure, but the halo part was kind of interesting, i was thinking maybe that was fake halo attached to his head, maybe that could of been the reason why i made him bald.

but yeah this practice was a break for me from my animation work before i go crazy on sunday evening...

Time: 1.3hours

Friday, April 26, 2013

digital painting practice 15

A quick practice before i go off to my friends place.

I did this picture thinking about Daisuke Tsutsumi and his greatness that someday i will be as awesome as he is, in dedication i painted a Dice, because thats what people call him at Pixar.

Time: 40min

digital painting practice 14

Well I guess this is a start, all from imagination and practice from previous paintings... i wanted to do something with robot and kid, they seem like a pretty common theme out there.

The idea of swings were like something from my childhood, maybe having the imaginary robot next to me as I swung there in the sunset..lol idk.

Time 3 hours

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

digital painting practice 13

I took a picture of this in my classroom last night.
Why, because i saw the shadow and thought the lighting was very interesting, so i replaced my friends faces with an animal face.

I do like how this turned out.

Time: ~1.3 hours
Photoshop CS3

Monday, April 22, 2013

digital painting practice 12

this time I wanted to practice lighting through looking at examples of some of Dice's new digital paintings.
This is a view of the quad of University of Washington, when the cherry blossoms blooom!!
Used this for reference UW CherryBlossom
Time: 2hours
Photoshop CS3

I chose to use Dice's painting of Monsters University concept art
Although the image i made doesn't have the right perspective as Dice's, i still think i was able to get a close render of the lighting

Will continue to practice.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

digital painting practice 11

hmm this is the pastor of my church, because i've been focusing on lighting alot more now a days with my digital painting, i've been doing a lot more observing with light, and so while he was giving his message today i noticed the shiny white dot on his forehead that just got my attention and i really wanted to paint it.

I dont know how accurate this is of him, b/c i did this all from memory, but i think i did a good job haha..

Time: 30min
Photoshop CS3

Saturday, April 20, 2013

digital painting practice 10

I like how this turned out, probably one of my favorite, not sure why i thought of this idea though. Hmm maybe its cuz i just watched an episode of Toriko, where they kind a went ice fishing XD.

The penguin turned out awesome! and it only took like 5 min to make.

Blue x Red seems like my favorite combo.
In this exercise/practice was to try and get the atmosphere of the cold..ness.. I think the blue gradient i got in the b/g worked well.

Hmm i wanna go ice fishing someday...with a penguin.

Time: ~1.4 hours
Photoshop CS6

digital painting practice 9

Last night I went to a concert with a friend, we went to see TTNG (This Town Needs Guns) and two other bands.

What inspired me to do this digital painting was the lighting, I really liked the set up of the lighting at the venue, so i took some reference pictures so i can re-create it with the painterly look.

Hope the lighting is working here, was originally going to try and paint animals instead of the band members, but I wanted to keep it close to original as possible so I can practice the lights.

Time: ~1 hour
Photoshop CS6

Friday, April 19, 2013

digital painting practice 8

Gah i really like the color of green, but i feel like this is the hardest color to control...i can almost never get the shading or the color right, to me it looks really washed out.. not really sure.. more practice is in neeeeed!!!!!

But this image was pretty much the last request from my previous 365 drawing. This can be the finish. Geko doing a drum solo, but the image i had in mind was a geko playing the bongo jamaican style lol....

those eyes behind the shades came out nicely and it was made by accident too.. XD i was trying to make light shades on them but then it looked like eyes behind them so i kept it that way..

I kinda wish i could of of done the bongo's a little better like...more vibrant shade of brown.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

digital painting practice 7

Hmm this time i tried adding some background to it, but it still looks pretty flat... getting these paintings to look like their in a spacious environment is pretty hard...

thought of this on the bus after school, i always thought the idea of having a long scarf would be pretty cute if you can share it with someone you care.

Panda's are cute.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

digital painting practice 6

one more before i go to bed... i just had this idea for some reason.. maybe because i was eating crepe today..with icecream, but my ice cream didnt fall..poor birdthingy..perhaps you'll be more careful next time. 

digital painting practice 5

i can paint clouds all day... one of those things that i love to paint.

Digital painting practice 4

I do like how this one turned out, although the shadow might be off...but it was only a 30 min practice. I think little by little I am getting a hang of this painterly style.

Hoping that this will continue and that I can create some things to add for my portfolio.

Gonna try and do one painting a day, almost continuing my daily drawing.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

digital painting practice 3

hmmm tried to do the Dice Tsutsumi style digital painting..but man it really is hard...@__@ well DUH..haha

I do like how the leg shadow turned out. :3

Need to do more of these kind of practice..
Yeah Im at school, but Maya isnt working because of the poweroutage from last night..so NO WORK..on maya that is..

Wonder how long it'll take for it to get it fixed..probably by tomorrow it'll be all better.

but till now...disco link time!

(made this in 5 min with a mouse)

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Light yagami digital Painting practice

Light Yagami from Deathnote, i got this puchi-nendroid from a friend, this time i used this as the still life image..i guess i should of added Nero puchi nendroid too...but w/e its ok. 

Friday, April 5, 2013

Digital Painting practice

After going through Dice Tsutsumi's works, its been inspiring me to try out my hand on the painting method.

Still no where near, and far, but i feel like i'm starting to understand bits by bit of how to paint digitally.

I never really liked Painting traditionally IE Oil painting, but doing this digitally has helped me quite a bit in grasping how painting in oil might have been like if it all worked so well.

Dice Tsutsumi tutorial

Dice Tsutsumi’s been one of my favorite artist and i love the way he paints, so i went and found his blog and he had a tutorial on how he paints digitally, so this is what i got, AN APPLE!!!