Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Vancouver once again

It was a good couple months since we last went to Vancouver, the weather report said that it will be cloudy and raining, but they were wrong! :D

It was such a nice weather, no clouds, just the blue sky and the sun. Perfect weather.

We arrived to Vancouver around 330pm. The first stop was KINTARO! the Best ramen place in the NW. (So far)

I probably uploaded this picture before, but its so good im posting it again.

and this is what my friend got...

*drool... oh man sooooo goood.

We then went over to the Crepe shop/Japanese Konbini that was closed last time, but this time it was open so we were able to grab one (with the left over canadian bill)

we got the MatchaAzuki Crepe

The Crepe was delicious, the soft yet chewy dough was just perfect and the matcha icecream and azuki with creme was a great combo, and it was pretty cheap too.

eating teh crepe yo!

Next time I'd like to try these....

sorry the glare is terrible... its suppose to be a strawberry short cake crepe... looks good.

and of course we went to Book off again, but this time not for books, but for CD's.
I was able to find some pretty cheap singles album

Yuki - Wave
Yuki - Commune
Ketsumeishi - Ketsunopolice 3
Suneohair - Fork
Penicillin - This is Penicillin 1994 ~ 1999

Total was about $16 so it was good for the amount.

Well thats about it, cant wait to go back again. Vancouver is such a nice place to visit.

Monday, October 25, 2010

My Bass!!!

Today I got my very own Bass the Ibanez SRX2e, Super happy, its so beautiful.

yes my room is quite messy right now... XD but that doesnt matter right now cuz i got me a Bass.

Now I'm gonna be taking a lot of time practicing this awesome instrument.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Spice and Wolf ED Single - Ringo Hiyori ~ The Wolf Whistling Song

Track list:
1. Ringo Hiyori ~ The Wolf Whistling Song
2. Namaiki na Bokura
3. Ringo Hiyori ~ The Wolf Whistling Song (w/o ROCKY CHACK)
4. Namaiki na Bokura (w/o ROCK CHACK)

File size: 41 Mb


Spice and Wolf II ED Single - Perfect World

Track list:
1. Perfect World
2. Kimi to Boku
3. Perfect World (w/o R.C.)
4. Kimi to Boku (w/o R.C.)

File size: 45Mb

Anime House project

Anime House Project -神曲 selection- vol.1-

01.Don't say “lazy”
04.輪舞 - revolution
10.Butter - Fly

File size: 206Mb


Anime House Project -神曲 selection- vol.2-

01. 止マレ!
02. Cagayake!GIRLS
03. you
04. だんご大家族
05. 愛・おぼえてますか
06. 片翼のイカロス
07. もってけ!セーラーふく
08. Face of Fact
09. Give a reason
10. 月の繭
11. Super Driver
12. ふわふわ時間

File size: 139Mb


Anime House Project -神曲 selection- vol.3-

01. ときめきの導火線
05. 月灯りふんわり落ちてくる夜
06. 嘘
07. コッペリアの柩
08. PSI-missing
09. ムーンライト伝説
10. ゆずれない願い
11. 笑顔に会いたい
12. Wind Climbing ~風にあそばれて~

File size: 137Mb

Friday, October 22, 2010

Shinryaku Ika-Musume

Fanarts of Ika-musume, from Shinryaku Ika-Musume. Great comedy series about a squid girl trying to take over the world, pretty much you can say its like Keroro Gunsou, but a squid trying.

and about the drawing... i hate drawing the legs its so hard to get it right.. =__= i was debating whether to leave it without the legs or add them... and just ended up adding them oh well. No color, just B/W/G too much trouble doing colors.

So I did another Ika drawing today and this time with color... gosh i suck at coloring..=__= it never turns out as what i want.. what do i do...;_; lol w/e I'll manage..

Gosh i need to draw more.. its been so long since i drew a picture.. So hopefully I'll have more things to show.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Akita, Asobi no Fukei

Just got my Akita, Asobi no Fukei book by Oga Kazuo, it was alot different from what i imagined, but the book is pretty fun. alot of Colorful images painted by Oga Kazuo.

Oga Kazuo by the way is the one who does the background art works for Hayao Miyazaki's films. Very inspirational artist.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Spoils i got from Japan

yeah its been like a month since I got back from Japan, but i just felt like uploading the Spoils i got in Japan.

How to Art Books... very useful when drawing...

Gingitsune: one of new favorite series.

Barakamon: Another favorite

Ice Revolution: A series I wanted a while back

Mahoraba: pretty good series, now I have them all

Hyakko: Love it

lucifer and the biscuit hammer: great series.

Yankee-kun to Megane-chan: now im caught up

Sora no Manimani: :D

Onidere: a cute comedy manga

ToraDora: The manga is actually pretty good

Zettai Karen Children: a new series I got into

Cage of Eden: this ones a great manga to read

Hayate no Gotoku: Yay!

Studio Ghibli Artbooks: My Treasure

And for the Touhou fans...

Well thats a Total of 62 manga's and couple artbooks and how to artbooks... that was tough bringing back XD

New Tabs

Added new tabs...

Bio, FAQs, and Lessonguy Shrine page.

Monday, October 18, 2010

New Layout...

So I changed my blog a bit.. .XD pretty much got rid of the Touhou Related bits...THAT doesnt mean that i hate touhou... I LOVE TOUHOU! Touhou 4 ever... anyway, i just thought it was pretty clumped up and felt like clearing unnecessary thing is all.

Also a little mistake on my part of erasing the Tabs... so now all the labels are pretty useless.. so hopefully i can fix that up and be able to bring back some tabs and such for your convenience.

On another note.

I got another job, at Fred Meyers... yep, bye bye Samurai Noodle.

and on another note

GETTING MY BASS THIS SUNDAYYYYY~!!!! sooo soooooooon cant wait.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Stuff these days...

So was just bored and thought it was a good idea to maybe update my blog, with just things thats been happening after my trip from japan...


one thing that i did was started searching for a new job, Im just not getting enough hours and the boss doesnt seem to get that, so im kinda annoyed. Anyhow had my interview at Fred Meyer today, hopefully all goes well and i get to change jobs...


Just caught up with the manga "The World God Only Knows", i remember trying to read this manga couple months ago, but just couldnt do it, then i saw that this series was going to be animated for this Fall's lineup, so I watched the first episode and it was pretty good, i then gave the manga another shot and was able to catch up to the most recent chapter. man another manga to get.

.:Manga Collection:.

yeah....if you can guess how much i have and get it right i'll give you a


Graphic Novel Society, a club at the University of Washington, today was the first meeting of the quarter. Had a pretty good time, although i probably should of mingled a little more, but was just focusing on drawing, was probably drawing for an hour or less, but next week i hope i'll be able to get to know more about the members and their drawings. anyhow this is was i did at the club and i thought i did a good job, seeing how i didnt draw anything (much) ever since coming back from japan, which was like 3 weeks... uhh i need to draw more..

Anyhow thats all for now, dunno when i'll do another update, but hopefully soon... XP