Friday, August 31, 2012

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Brain fart random requests from Fb Friends...

"A skunk telling a raccoon digging through a garbage can that he stinks."

A great friend of mines made an animation called "No Time 2 Lose"

This is his Character Leopold, just an upgraded concept design.

Sad milk carton on a pile of crayons....cute

My friend riding a giant penguin into battle...since he's in japan and he's into kabuki like painting, just gave him that facial painting which adds a nice battle style. 

Part of the Environment Batch 2, request for underwater sunset...not sure how that looks like but this is how i envisioned it...

Monday, August 27, 2012

Updates...since i havent done any for a while...

Well well, its been too long... I havent updated anything since the avengers movie... haha

I feel like im one those people who cant maintain blogs...dont have anything to show or too lazy to update...

Anyhow, The images here are some of the things i've been up to for the past few months, pretty much all school things, except for the few at the end, which are summer vacation free time drawings.

So the first bunch of images of Avengers are from my Print making class, they gave us the freedom to make whatever we wanted so, being influenced by the amazing Avengers movie, I chose to some prints. I like how they turned out, except for some of the Captain America ones (funny thing is CA was the most popular during critique) which i did kind of in a hurry...I really like how the last Iron man one came out.

These are Needle felted figurines for my soft sculpture class, the two figure's are about 8inch tall and the cat is like 2inch. But they were alot of fun to make, even though it was super time probably took me a whole day to make both of them. They are also holding pokeballs, which are side projects for me, pretty much something to sell at Sakuracon.

Summer quarter was actually really enjoyable and I got awesome grades too, so I'm quite satisfied.

Yup Time line on Facebook...they forced everyone to get one I has one too..;__; 

After watching the FZD School of design youtube video's I've been wanting to make environment paintings. These are the first batch of speed paintings, they took about 30-40min each.

The FZD school youtube page is soo inspiring and super helpful, i learned so much through watching the videos they offer.

Hopefully with more practice, I'll be able to create amazing environment for videogames! XD

This piece just came out of no where, just had the image of the hulk and yotsuba together...completely random but its kinda cute. haha. Speed painting took about 30min.

You can also find dambo in the background...still thinking if i should touch it up and make it into an actual finished product.

And this is my recent needle felted piece, its


 from Natsume Yuujin chou. it was fund making him.

So thats about it for updates I guess XD

Dont know when the next time i'll update this blog, but if your still following me, hopefully you can bare with the lack of updates~!