Sunday, August 31, 2008

What i've been UP to

So yeah, its been a bit since i updated last, but i had a reason.. just a week ago i just got a ....


yup, so with a job, i'm now experiencing many things... that i've never experienced before..and less time to do stuff that i've wanted to do, but thats alright, i was bored being home all day anyways. And since i got a job i'm gettin paid too! so i'm wraking me some money. >:3

yeah so thats all i gotta say today, hopefully i can get some other stuff to update about.

Monday, August 11, 2008


yes, this is the cover art for the new manga i want to make... but needs a title.. and i have no idea, its pretty tough thinking of ideas, for titles...XD

I've got a plot and stuff, i have other characters in mind, i want to continue, but i want to get this cover done... but i need a "title"

any suggestions? for those who ever stop by and glance at this post.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Global Peace Festival!

YEAH! today was Global Peace Festival @ Seattle WA!!!

I'm not sure how much people came, but there was a lot more then i expected! it was great!
Was able to meet with a lot of my friends from afar and was able to chill, eating popcorn, teriyaki chicken, cotten candy, and more!

The Entertainment was pretty good too, a bunch of singers and instrument users. The Band 'Lonely Forest' played like for an hour or something and it was sooo loud we had to scream to each other in order to hear. That was painful to my vocal cords.

I didnt do any activity, but the Peace Poster Contest, which i think didnt turn out to be a contest... cuz they didnt announce anything. By far mines was the best fosho. ------->

So yeah, we were able to watch live footage of the actual event @ WA DC. Seemed pretty sweet, didnt get to watch alot of it though.

Overall it was a really good event!

Thursday, August 7, 2008


About a week ago, around 11pm, I had nothing planned and was very bored out of my mind... so I was chatting with Piers and he had the day off the next day. So I proposed an idea.

Lets go on a Soul Journey

July 28th 2008, Piers and I went for our Soul Journey down to Downtown Seattle.

Our Journey began at my house 9:00am. We jumped onto the next bus that was heading down to the Pike Place Market. As usual the bus stank with people who had been smoking right before they came into the bus. We didn't really like riding the bus, but riding the bus seems more "journey" like then a car. The weather was very nice(for Seattle). We weren't sure of where to get off so we just got off at an area we thought was good enough. Recogniing the area I realized that we were pretty far from our actual destination point. We started walking and we got down to the pier, looking down into the green water, the only life form we saw were starfishes...I was hoping to see jellyfishes, but alas there weren't any. Walking along the sea side, feeling the salty breeze, we kept our pace.

When we finally arrived to Pike Place Market, there were people setting up their booths and mini stores. Pike Place Market was already filled with alot of people, from shoppers to tourists with really nice camera's. Piers and I started taking pictures with our camera's. It was fun waching alot of people ducking down to avoid getting into the picture. We roamed through the market place, going into stores and looking for interesting things. We found a nice comic book store which Piers really enjoyed. It was around noon when we finished looking through most or if not all the shops in the market. We got hungrey, so we ate Gyros, it wasnt the best gyros i ate.. it was ok.

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Thats me eatin Gyro, and the guy drinkin the lemonade is Piers

Debating on what to do next, we decided on going down further to china town. Taking more pictures on the way, we just talked and basically chilled our trek down to china town. Upon arriving we were greeted by two bums who started posing for us(well at least one of them were posing) so we took pics of them. That was fun. Uwajimaya, the asian store of all asian store, also our faveorite store, we walk in and start taking pictures, then from no where a security guard comes and tells us that we couldnt take any pictures without permission. The security guard told us that we can get one if we go to the office, so we did. Walked up the stairs and talked to someone(manager maybe) and got ourselves some media passes, it looked so official. So with our passes around our neck, we started taking pictures.

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After the adventure in Uwajimaya/Kinokuniya bookstore, we walked back down to the pier, were our journey continued. We saw a Ferry, and I just said "hey, wouldnt it be really cool if we can just ride on that ferry and go somewhere" indeed it was a great idea. We went over to the ticket booth to see how much a round trip would cost, it was fairly cheep so "heck! Lets do it." We took the Ferry that was heading over to Bremerton, which we didnt know took an hour to get to. Walking onto the deck was really great, the cool air, the salty air, brushing away on your face. We took pictures of Seattle from afar and took pictures of us on the ferry. After the long hour, we arrived to Bremerton, it was around 4pm. There was nothing to do, so we just jumped onto the next Ferry that was heading back to Seattle. So we stayed on Bremerton soil for less than 20 min.

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"Why did we come here for..."

It was getting late, but summer time its always light even late at night, so we still had time, but we thought it was good. So walking back to the bus stop we waited for the next bus that was taking us home.

Overall the Spirit Journey was really fun. Was able to learn more about my city and area. Was able to get more reference pictures for future references. It was totally a blast!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The names Kawamura, Yasu Kawamura

I was born in San Fransisco, California, lived there for about 12 years and moved to Seattle, Washington where I reside right now. As a young child I would constantly draw comics and other random things and just thought that it was another hobby of mine. Until I realized my talent and passion for art. That was when I was in Sophomore year High School. Finding out my Goal in life, I chose that one path and am following it until I fulfill my Dream.

Right now I am currently Enrolled at Shoreline Community College, taking all the art classes as possible and at the same time trying to get the AFA (associate of fine art) transfer degree so I can further my education in art.

To be honest, my skill level is no where close to what I desire, but with patience, hard work and practice, I believe that I will be able to reach my goal.

In the future I'd like to pursue my goal of becoming an animator. Working for renowned production groups in Japan or in the US. Why I wanted to pursue in the field of animation is mostly because of how I was influenced a lot by Japanese animations and how I enjoy drawing them. I would like to give back to the world with my art; I want people to feel joy and happiness through my art.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Art Process

Art Process page
One thing I like to do is document my process/steps of some of my pieces, on this page you can click on the Thumbnail images and go view them.