Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Feng Zhu environnent practice 5

This time for practice, I wanted to do something with anime related, so I figured I'd do something from One Piece.
I chose to do a piece from the water seven arc, I in particular wasnt too much fan of that arc, but the water seven island you call it is pretty sweet, so i did a rendition of that with Luffy's boat coming in.  Choosing the colors for this was a challenge,  I wanted to get the sunset effect, which i feel was a little successful, I wasnt sure what I should do with the big o Yellow spot on the right...

Time: 2 hours
Photoshop CS5

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Feng Zhu environment practice 4

Today I was looking through more of Feng Zhu's works, then I came upon something very interesting.
There was a piece he did of a 3d rendition of a scene from one of the older FF games.

I thought this was an amazing idea, so for this practice I wanted to try it out.
I went and looked for a old school game and found a scene from FFIV that looked interesting (the image i chose is the little thumbnail on the bottom left corner of the drawing). With the techniques and knowledge I gained through FengZhu's videos and practices I did my best for this scenes rendition, I think it came out pretty nicely, but somehow it doesnt feel complete...maybe there was something more i could of done with the sky.

I'll probably try this practice out some more.

Time 2.5hours
Photoshop CS5

Monday, July 29, 2013

Feng Zhu practice 3 comparing

So for today i was only able to put in about 30 min, just to define the background a little more, just enough so that you can make out what it is in the background. I then added some random shadow figures to give it size.

I think Im going to try out a piece from scratch where i dont use any of Feng Zhu's images as reference and see what I can do, kind of like a test. Def will take longer than these practices... I may pick out one from the Batch Speed paint practice i did almost a year ago and see how much more i can develop it from what i learned so far.

Reference image used for this piece
Total Time: 3hours
Photoshop CS5

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Feng Zhu environmnet practice 3

Feng Zhu environment Practice piece 3
Like the previous two, I wanted to keep practicing the composition and lighting from one of his works.

Starting to realize that my brushstrokes compared to Feng Zhu's are really soft, I need to figure out how to make mark making more visible so then the images will pop out more. B/c right now some parts are def. looking flat.

This piece took a little longer than my initial 2 hour practice, figuring out the perspective was a little challenge as well, i think i kind of made a mistake on the Toori gate persp. But i do like how the red came out.

Still lots more to do before i can say its complete, especially the background...i was working so much on the foreground i didnt have time to do background..I will work on it some more tomorrow.

Reference image used for this piece
Time: 2hr 30min
Photoshop CS5

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Feng Zhu environment practice 2

Here is my second WIP of Feng Zhu environment practice series. I'm still having difficulty figuring out composition and lighting, so I am referencing them from one of Feng Zhu's pieces. 
In this piece I am also experimenting the use of photographs, because freelance concept artist need to be quick in developing something to show the director, many artist like Feng Zhu use real photo and incorporate them into their paintings. Of course if you are using someone else's photo from the internet you best credit them and get permission to use them, if you dont want to go through all that, then just go out and take pictures your self! I used pictures of buildings in japan when i visited in 2010. 
I dont know if im going to keep that tree in the background...i might change it when i go back to this piece tomorrow...perhaps a broken tokyo tower...XD idk.

Time 2hours

Feng Zhu practice comparing

So this the updated version, the difference i made was i added some highlight spots here and there and added textures to the mountains and the house, I actually like how the first house on the left looks to the new one, it just doesnt look right now, so im kind of sad,
but its ok. Oh and I added a simple figure in there for size reference... I did about 1.5 hours more from yesterdays.
So in a total of 4.5 hours.

And this one is the older version from yesterday.

Feng Zhu environment practice

Thumbnail might look ok...but still really sloppy, I've been practicing from Feng Zhu's youtube tutorials, this one in particular is pretty much a copy of his tutorial video, just with a little different color setting...

Over all from this practices I want to be able to gain the ability to quickly develop concept art landscapes.

This one took me about 3 hours to get to this point, which is very slow and pretty terrible, but on Feng Zhu's video he said that its ok for beginners to take as long as they can to make it as best as they can, its just practice, have fun!

Things that I learned from working on this picture is to get a better understanding of composition/ color/lighting, depth and a better tablet (the one i use currently is one of the oldest the pressure sensativity is terrible and cant use all the great functions pen tablets offer now)

Will most likely work on this piece for couple more hours before i move onto another practice piece.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Random Character practice mecha steampunkish style

Random Character practices, this time i've been influenced by the artist Zedig, his mecha and steampunk like theme characters are really awesome.

I spent pretty much the whole day working on these characters. Started working on them at 10 am...and finished the last one at 7pm, but of course not straight, if i didnt have to think and eat and help mom with grocery and other misc. things in the house, then I would say maybe 4-5 hours.

I really like hot they turned out, there are three in there that are from my moleskine, next thing to do is to color them in, which i think will take a lot longer, because choosing the right colors is gonna be tough, coloring takes me the longest i think.

Hopefully I'll be able to finish the coloring tomorrow and start on the next set of random character's.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Knights of the round

Hmmm so I did the rest of the knights. I like how the first three turned out, but the last three are a little different, like...color scheme wise, the last one is kinda cool thought, like he's EVIL...but the way I posed him kinda sucked though, makes him look like an old man...orz. 

Let me know which ones you guys like!!

Here are the close up version and before the coloring.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Kekai Knight series practice

Been inspired by Kekai Kotaki's knight series, so I've been practicing drawing knights and stuff, each of the sketch took about 20-30min to sketch up.
This is a quick color rendition of one of the knights, trying to practice Kekai's painting style and mixing it with my own.

Will be working on the rest of the members later on.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


 So my friend suggested that I take a look at this manga, so I spent the whole day yesterday reading and finally caught up to manga this morning..haha, its really great. The art style is interesting, quite messy and sketchy, but that gives it a nice look to the style, also its pretty gory, but its kinda funny. I love the subtle humor thats included too.

So I made a fan art of my favorite group from the manga series, this is the En Family. Even though these guys are like the "bad" guys, I really like the setting of their group in the story. 

 So far there is 118 chapters, and I read somewhere that the next volume, guessing its the 19th volume, is going to be the last one...since these are monthly manga, it'll take at least another year for this series to end, kind of sad to hear the news, but this series been going on since 1999, so maybe its a good time?

Sketch done in my Moleskine sketchbook

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Celebrate fourth of July 'MURICAAAA

Happy fourth of July 'veryone!!

Been a while to draw something, eversince i sold my cintiq and had to go back using my ancient tablet that i'm suprised that it still works..

Anyhow, recently i've been watching a lot of super hero movies and since today is July 4th I decided gonna watch Captain America. Yup.

While everyone else is going to park and places to enjoy real amazing fire works, i'll be celebrating fire works with my photoshop brushes and fire works in the captain america movie..if there are any.

Woop woop

Time:1.3 hours
Photoshop CS6