Wednesday, June 26, 2013

low poly model practice part 7

maybe I should stick with drawing...XD
This was my first run for additional details for the shading, but the only thing that made this super difficult (and time consuming) was...
1) my UV map sucks... i cant unwrap models at all...that makes everything really hard..even on a simple model like this..
2) I dont have good tablet (and never got around getting the new cintiq13) so I HAD TO USE THE MOUSE...
wealppp thats allllll for today...

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

low poly model practice part 6

First shading...the mapping turned out harder than i expected...also there was TONS of mistake ... so i had to quickly re-do some of the parts of the model...
This is just the first part of the shading, just to see if the colors work out, next step is just adding details onto the shades.
Jeebus..took long enough..XP
One is the hard render..with the sharp blockiness and the other is the soft render where everything is smoothed out.
Blocky one looks like a model used in a old video game XD...super POLYGON.

Monday, June 24, 2013

low poly model practice part 5

anyhow, after playing lots of pokemon I needed to give my some time off, so I went back and finished up the model, there are TONS of mistakes with this model and I am not still a newbie at this, so I dont know how to fix said problems.

But now this is how it looks like soft modeled..meaning things smoothed out..hmm i kind of forgot to make it super smooth..will have to check that out another time.
Hmm hopefully I can get the textures to work...gonna have to make the texture map sometimes soon...

Friday, June 21, 2013

low poly model practice part 4

Well i dont know if its considered low poly anymore...this have about 3000tri's.... i know some other peoples low poly models have like 1200ish...@__@ i make too much detail? Still lots to learn...

So today I worked on the hoody, which was a pain, dont know how long it took...but i had a hard time making the back end.
Then afterwards took a little break then started working on the hair.
Hair itself wast that bad...because i because the hoody is covering her head you cant see that she is actually bald...i only gave her hair in the front..orz.

im getting close to finishing! just need to make the hands, then onto texturing!

On another note, why i havent updated for the past few days are ... because i got caught up in playing pokemon... and went to friends farewell party, and watched the movie Epic. 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

low poly model practice part 3

A small update today, went to dentist this morning came back all light headed, so I played some pokemon, and before i know it its pretty late...orz

So today i worked on the badge/necklace thingy and the Head, the head took forever.... i need to figure out a better way to make it...

Also today i realized that i Jumped the gun and went for a pretty detailed character...what i had to do is start off making a "basic" character model...i think right after this practice model is complete im gonna practice making a very basic model character....

Anyhoo, i dont know if i'll have time to work on this tomorrow...but if i do it'll be either the hand or the hoody...ALMOST DONE!!!

Monday, June 17, 2013

low poly model practice part 2

Got my mouse from the garage and ready to roll!

This morning I worked for about an hour working on the feet, so theres one thing that i should of done, and something i will implement for the next model, is to make a simple base body so I wont have to worry on making the base from scratch all the time, but of course if it was a whole new thing then i'll have to make from scratch..

Then took a break from the model after making a decent body and feet...still have alot to learn..but its a start, then I started to build the arms.

There is something about the duplicate special instance that im having a trouble with...when ever i smooth...the area not connected looks wierd...
 Then again i took a break..but a little longer one, i started playing some pokemon white..XD

Then soon as i finished playing for couple hours  i started back and worked on the collar...shoulder...thingy..not sure what its called...for probably about an hour and a half

I think this is turning out pretty nice for my first try...but we'll see
More to come tomorrow!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

low poly model practice part 1

 So here is the character sheet for my first low poly model figure....did this during church today.

ANYHOO, very excited to try out my hand on modeling one of my original characters out, this one would the red riding hood character.

Making the sheet on my new moleskine too huhuuuu
And HERE IS MY FAIL ATTEMPT AT MAYA'ing.... gosh im so used to using the maya at school WITH a making this with my new mac and Maya 13 is a little challenging, im going to need to buy a mouse so i can figure how to use some of this buttons...@___@

So this is all i got to do today.
Hope everyone had a good FATHERS DAY!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Gretel sketch by Osato-kun

Remember the post I made about a month ago? During one of my character design digital painting practice?
I made this character called Gretel.

So one day I was browing my Deviantart account, Osato-kun ( posted a journal for a free-sketch of someone's OC. I submitted some of my OC's in hopes of one of them being chosen, b/c I really like Osato-kun's style of art.
Then later that day I get a response back from Osato-kun really liking my characters!!! I was really happy to hear that.
Next day I opened up DA and looked through my deviation stack, to see a familiar character...
IT WAS MY GRETEL!!! drawn in the style of Osato-kun!

I was really happy to see that my character got chosen out of 40+ other OC's, but man, this Gretel that Osato-kun did 
is SO FREAKING ADORABLE!!! I cant believe this is a sketch! I just thought a sketch would be ...a sketch! not a painting of this level! its really awesome!

I just love the way how Osato-kun drew my character.
In my image/design, my character is just posing like a still life, but through Osato-kun, my character came to life!As if Gretel appears in a fairytale book or some kind of animation.
This kind of quality work is what i want to attain for my artistic future.

Thanks again Osato-kun for this lovely drawing!
You can go visit Osato-kun's DA page @

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Touhou Nendroid Puchi

My friend just came back from Japan couple days ago, and he got me the first set of the Touhou Nendroid puchi series~!!

They are soo adorable! I've always wanted to get some, but usually didnt have money or space in my bag to carry back...haha

But now that I have these it gives me more incentive to get some of the other ones!