The names Kawamura, Yasu Kawamura
Picture I was born in San Fransisco, California, lived there for about 12 years and moved to Seattle, Washington where I reside right now. As a child I would constantly draw comics and other random things(like fish) and just thought that it was another hobby of mine. Until I realized my talent and passion for art. That was when I was in Sophomore year High School. Finding out my Goal in life, I chose that one path and am following it until I fulfill my Dream.

Currently working part-time jobs to earn enough funds to go to the University of Washington, where I will be acquiring my BA for Painting and Drawing. After that I am still unclear.

To be honest, my skill level is no where close to what I desire, but with patience, hard work and practice, I believe that I will be able to reach my goal.

In the future I'd like to pursue my goal of becoming an animator. Working for renowned production groups in Japan or in the US. Why I wanted to pursue in the field of animation is mostly because of how I was influenced a lot by Japanese animations and how I enjoyed drawing them. I would like to give back to the world with my art; I want people to feel joy and happiness through my art.