Sunday, February 6, 2011

Bamboo Tablet

So I forgot to upload pictures of it yesterday when it came, but this thing is pretty slick. really like the design for the tablet.
But yeah got to spend some time with this new tablet of mine yesterday.

The BOX!


The Pretty Tablet! :D

Yep the lights on, and its time to get started on some new pics!

I really want to try and use this tablet on SAI paint tool program, but the pen pressure thingy doesnt work... so I hope that it will work out. :/ But Photoshop isnt too bad.

Expect some kind of finished illust. soon maybe... thinking of doing the first sketchdump piece.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Touhou Sketchdumps 1.31.11 - 2.02.11 , 2.04.11

Prolly going to try and do weekly updates of what i've been sketching up... but sometimes with work it kinda screws up with the times i draw. But not too bad, most of the time i just feel lazy. XP

Anyhow here are more sketchdumps! :D


more koumakan members... dunno their pretty fun to draw.

Lol this one was pretty random, i think i messed up her back, she looks hunchbacked lol.

This one i wanted to do a little more practice with full body poses... cuz i almost never do them.

yep, this ones NOT a touhou fanart.. its actually from Gosick (currently one of the better series of anime this quarter) also this was a good background practice for me, cuz like full body, i never do backgrounds LOL. I had fun working on this.

Well thats about it for this week, hopefully i can keep this up.

oh yeah i also ordered a bamboo pen tablet, so hopefully i can use that to create some illustrations that not a sketch dump XD. yeah, also got SAI onto my Mac using VMware Fusion 3, so i need to start learning how to use SAI and become a pro. lolz.