Saturday, July 27, 2013

Feng Zhu environment practice 2

Here is my second WIP of Feng Zhu environment practice series. I'm still having difficulty figuring out composition and lighting, so I am referencing them from one of Feng Zhu's pieces. 
In this piece I am also experimenting the use of photographs, because freelance concept artist need to be quick in developing something to show the director, many artist like Feng Zhu use real photo and incorporate them into their paintings. Of course if you are using someone else's photo from the internet you best credit them and get permission to use them, if you dont want to go through all that, then just go out and take pictures your self! I used pictures of buildings in japan when i visited in 2010. 
I dont know if im going to keep that tree in the background...i might change it when i go back to this piece tomorrow...perhaps a broken tokyo tower...XD idk.

Time 2hours

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