Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Canada Trip Tres!

So at last second we decided to go to Canada today, yay for last minute action!

We were suppose to go earlier this month, but with the weather going crazy we were unsure, but then we found out other people went there with no problem, so we decided to go today!
The weather in Canada was not sunny and bright blue sky, but was rainy and cloudy, but that's nothing special to us, cuz that's the default weather here in Seattle. So pretty much it was like Seattle again, but cleaner. XD

So yeah, today we brought with us Pierson Brooks to Vancouver! last time it was Rory. So we pretty much did our usual routine and ate at. .EZOGIKU ramen.

Then we went to BOOKOFF!!! and spent about a good 2 and a half hour searching for books and such. This time i was short on money so i wasnt able to buy all that much, but i think i was able to get a decent amount for the price i payed. They were also having a 20% off sale too, if you bought over $20 worth of item at the store they will take 20% off, which was really awesome!

Here are the loot!

PaniPoni Vol 8,9 - $2 each
Hidamari Sketch Vol 1, 3 - $2 each
FLCL Vol 1,2 - $2 each
Samurai Champloo Vol 1 - $2
Densha Otoko Vol 1,2 - $2
Saint Young Men Vol 2,3 - $5 each
Total - $28, but in with the 20% off I only needed to pay about $24.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Illustrations and other works I've done. Click on the thumbnails for fullview. More to come.



Touhou Comic

Anime/Misc. Fanart

SpeedPaint Stuff.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Ferrero チョコ

Today my dad brought home some Ferrero Rocher chocolate, one of my favorite. XD

so i wanted to share this moment with a comic i made with Komachi and Eiki-sama

Click to Fullview

I like Ferrero Rocher. GOOOD Stuff.

Water Color test

So yesterday i started on a Watercolor piece, and just finished it. Watercolor is very hard material to use... orz.. and this was pretty much a test to see if the comic paper i bought (mentioned on previous entry) and the result... not very good, the paper became almost wrinkly, but since the paper was somewhat heavy, it didnt really rip apart.
XD kinda saw that coming, but it was worth a try.

Im a total noob with water color, im not even sure how to properly use watercolor so that the colors dont mix or smudge out. In the end i just did them quite lightly and some dark, i think it turned out ok for a beginner...

I didnt like how it looked like just with watercolor, so i inked it and made it more bold, i really like my sakura micron pens. They make my drawings like drawings.. (XD) but yeah with the ink i was able to get a more bold image of the picture that i wanted.

Hakurei Reimu and Ibuki Suika, water color.

As you can see in the image that on the right hand side area the paper is a little wedged, it was worse, but i kinda straightened it out, but its still wont go back to being a flat piece of paper. :(

yet again sorry for the quality, i had to take a picture, cuz i dont have a large enough scanner to scan this 11x17 piece of paper...

Over all i dont think we should use the comic book paper for watercolor, better stick with the super heavy bristol or watercolor paper. yup yup

Title: Cherry Phantasm

Track list -

01 - 少女幻葬 ~ Necro-Fantasy Hard Rock
02 - さくらさくらで恋せょ乙女
03 - 花は幻想のままに Ending theme
04 - 亡き王女の為のセプテット Acoustic arrange
05 - 東方和楽幻像符
06 - 東方がなく頃に
07 - Opened prisoner
08 - 恋色マスタースパーク Reharmonized remix
09 - 東方模様 to summer
10 - 少女幻葬 ~ Necro-Fantasy Simple Rock
11 - ぽるた~がいすとの暇つぶし
12 - 東方模様 to summer inst ver.

DDL: Mediafire
Size: 86.7/Format: MP3


Track list -

02 - stars

DDL: Mediafire
Size: 7.9/Format: MP3

Title: GRAZE

Track list -

01 - 蒼空に舞え、墨染の桜
02 - master of doll
03 - 春風
04 - Mooned Insect
06 - 冬風
07 - 魍魎の闇
08 - 春風 -- instrumental
09 - ツンデレアリスの憂鬱

DDL: Mediafire

Size: 46.6/Format: MP3

Title: Phantasm Brigade

Track list -

01 - toxic
02 - Phantasm Brigade
03 - Ever after
04 - 最速流域
05 - Vivid Vermilion
06 - Never say never
07 - 月見草
08 - Silent Moon....
09 - Phantasm Brigade - another side

DDL: Mediafire
Size: 58.9/Format: MP3

Title: Rebirth

Track list -

01 - Lunatic Blue
03 - seventh soul ~ 十六夜モード
04 - Guilty ver.guitar
05 - 刹那に散ろうとも
06 - 1000 Phantasm
07 - 妖怪の山
08 - 明日ハレの日、ケの昨日
09 - ⑨destiny ~ ずっとチルノのターン
10 - ケロ⑨destiny -- instrumental
11 - Dummy Track
12 - EXTRA BITTER ~ みょんのうた

DDL: Mediafire
Size: 74.4/Format: MP3

Title: Reincarnation

Track list -

01 - Guilty
02 - 萃夢想歌
03 - 涼風
04 - hands on me
05 - Sleeping Forest
06 - JAG 2 Hall
07 - 死してなお、届かぬ想い
08 - Tactical Cucumber
09 - まんまるお月様
10 - ふぃーばー

DDL: Mediafire
Size: 61.2/Format: MP3

Title: Sentence

Track list -

01 - Sentence
02 - Being
03 - 霊験あらたか
04 - 明日の調べ
05 - 初音ミクでつるぺったん
06 - 蒼空に舞え,黒染の桜 -- instrumental
07 - ツンデレアリスの憂鬱 -- instrumental
08 - Eternal moon -- instrumental
09 - Phantasm Brigade -- instrumental
10 - Vivid Vermilion -- instrumental
11 - 7 days a week -- instrumental
12 - 永遠に幼き紅い月 -- instrumental
13 - Sentence -- instrumental

DDL: Mediafire
Size: 85.0/Format: MP3

Sunday, December 27, 2009

東方星蓮船 〜 Undefined Fantastic Object

Recently i bought a 11 x 17 Smooth Bristol Paper, used to draw comics and stuff. So i just tried it out today, and it really is a difference between 8.5 x 11 copy paper (the paper i usually use) and this Comic paper, one thing is that the paper is huge... its really hard to draw on such a big paper on a small desk.. =__='' but i managed.

Fan art of Touhou 12 Undefined Fantastic Object

Sorry about the quality, since this paper is huge i dont have a scanner that can scan such paper, so i just took a picture of it. Soon as i get back to school, i'll scan it with their big O scanner. So wait for bout couple weeks and it should be updated with the real deal.

But as of now, i do like to use this paper, really big, and has good surface. I liked how my inking came out as well. Only $12 for 24 sheets, which isnt that bad.

I tried using watercolor on this paper... i dunno, its tough, maybe its just that im not good with watercolor or maybe i just shouldnt use waterbased medium for this comic paper.
It did hold and nothing ripped apart, but the paper is all bendy now with the dried paint and stuff, I'll upload the image soon as i finish it, but yeah, water color might not be a good idea for this paper...