Thursday, April 16, 2009

My Nutrition Class notes! yeah!

So because of many essays and other school crap, the only time i could do any drawing is during my Nutrition class! XD so it kinda sucks and its kinda chill...:?
i'll be posting all my "notes" so far... XDDD

more to come... prolly..

Fujiwara no Mokou... 3/30/09

Cirno and Lily White...3/31/09

Suika ... 4/01/09

Tewi and Reisen... 4/02/09

Reimu 4/03/09

Ran and Chen 4/06/09

Shikeiki 4/07/09

Manly Cirno 4/09/09

Reimu and Suika 4/10/09

Advent Cirno 4/13/09

Fujiwara no Mokou 4/15/09

Reisen 4/16/09

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Spring Anime Series 2009 + School News + Touhou News + AzuProject Update

its been a while since i've updated this blog.. and seems like all i update is what anime series i'll be watching... XDDD
this time i'm a little lazy to go through and looking for individual pictures.. so heres just a big picture with whats coming up for spring Anime Series 2009.

i'll list the ones that i'll be watching and the i might check up..

The Spring Anime 2009 Going to watch list.

FullMetal Alchemist
Airing date: April 5th
Production: Bones

Airing date: April
Production: KyotoAnimation

Natsu no Arashi
Airing date: April 5th
Production: Shaft

Cross Game
Airing date: April 5th
Production: ???

Pandora Hearts
Airing date: April 2nd
Production: Xebec

Eden of the East
Airing date: April 9th
Production: Production IG

Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu(reair)
Airing date: April
Production: Kyoto Animation

The Spring Anime 2009 Possibles

Sengoku Basara
Airing date: April 1st
Production: Production IG

Airing date: April 5th
Production: Gonzo

Senjou no Valkyria
Airing date: April 4th
Production: A-1 Pictures

07 Ghost
Airing date: April 6th
Production: Studio DEEN

Airing date: April 5th
Production: Gonzo

Slap up Party
AIring date: April
Production: Gonzo

........ And the other ones that might look good.... ugh too lazy to do anymore...

Spring Quarter started.... this quarter doesnt seem so hard...

Japanese Art History
Eastern Asian Cinema

I also got Workstudy finally kicking in... about time... <_<>_>
so now i'll be working for my teacher to wip up some cash... ahh yeah.



recently thats all i've been drawing, in my nutrition class in the one hour period, all i find myself doing is "listening" to my teacher and drawing touhou... its soo awesome!
heres what i've been drawing in my

Fujiwara no Mokou... first day

Cirno and Lily White... second day

Suika ... third day

Tewi and Reisen... Fourth day

AAAANNNNNDD... if i keep it up at this pase, i'll be having some kind of touhou pic every class.. XDDD fun fun fun


its back! i'm starting it back again.. its probably been half a year ever since i touched that project... but i'm gonna go back again... so far i have 3 jumps done... XD

Amy (

Tyshea (

Takaaki (
XD taka i made you look like a girl... XDD gomen

thats the end of my update... i dont know when i'll be updating

well see ya later!