Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Feng Zhu environment practice 4

Today I was looking through more of Feng Zhu's works, then I came upon something very interesting.
There was a piece he did of a 3d rendition of a scene from one of the older FF games.

I thought this was an amazing idea, so for this practice I wanted to try it out.
I went and looked for a old school game and found a scene from FFIV that looked interesting (the image i chose is the little thumbnail on the bottom left corner of the drawing). With the techniques and knowledge I gained through FengZhu's videos and practices I did my best for this scenes rendition, I think it came out pretty nicely, but somehow it doesnt feel complete...maybe there was something more i could of done with the sky.

I'll probably try this practice out some more.

Time 2.5hours
Photoshop CS5

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