Tuesday, June 25, 2013

low poly model practice part 6

First shading...the mapping turned out harder than i expected...also there was TONS of mistake ... so i had to quickly re-do some of the parts of the model...
This is just the first part of the shading, just to see if the colors work out, next step is just adding details onto the shades.
Jeebus..took long enough..XP
One is the hard render..with the sharp blockiness and the other is the soft render where everything is smoothed out.
Blocky one looks like a model used in a old video game XD...super POLYGON.


Jessica Alves said...

Just set the normal angles a bit higher on the blocky ass model and I think it'll look fine!! Nice work so far 8')

ciera said...

I think its called smoith normal? There's hard normal too for sharper edges