Friday, June 7, 2013

Gretel sketch by Osato-kun

Remember the post I made about a month ago? During one of my character design digital painting practice?
I made this character called Gretel.

So one day I was browing my Deviantart account, Osato-kun ( posted a journal for a free-sketch of someone's OC. I submitted some of my OC's in hopes of one of them being chosen, b/c I really like Osato-kun's style of art.
Then later that day I get a response back from Osato-kun really liking my characters!!! I was really happy to hear that.
Next day I opened up DA and looked through my deviation stack, to see a familiar character...
IT WAS MY GRETEL!!! drawn in the style of Osato-kun!

I was really happy to see that my character got chosen out of 40+ other OC's, but man, this Gretel that Osato-kun did 
is SO FREAKING ADORABLE!!! I cant believe this is a sketch! I just thought a sketch would be ...a sketch! not a painting of this level! its really awesome!

I just love the way how Osato-kun drew my character.
In my image/design, my character is just posing like a still life, but through Osato-kun, my character came to life!As if Gretel appears in a fairytale book or some kind of animation.
This kind of quality work is what i want to attain for my artistic future.

Thanks again Osato-kun for this lovely drawing!
You can go visit Osato-kun's DA page @

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