Monday, June 17, 2013

low poly model practice part 2

Got my mouse from the garage and ready to roll!

This morning I worked for about an hour working on the feet, so theres one thing that i should of done, and something i will implement for the next model, is to make a simple base body so I wont have to worry on making the base from scratch all the time, but of course if it was a whole new thing then i'll have to make from scratch..

Then took a break from the model after making a decent body and feet...still have alot to learn..but its a start, then I started to build the arms.

There is something about the duplicate special instance that im having a trouble with...when ever i smooth...the area not connected looks wierd...
 Then again i took a break..but a little longer one, i started playing some pokemon white..XD

Then soon as i finished playing for couple hours  i started back and worked on the collar...shoulder...thingy..not sure what its called...for probably about an hour and a half

I think this is turning out pretty nice for my first try...but we'll see
More to come tomorrow!

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