Friday, June 21, 2013

low poly model practice part 4

Well i dont know if its considered low poly anymore...this have about 3000tri's.... i know some other peoples low poly models have like 1200ish...@__@ i make too much detail? Still lots to learn...

So today I worked on the hoody, which was a pain, dont know how long it took...but i had a hard time making the back end.
Then afterwards took a little break then started working on the hair.
Hair itself wast that bad...because i because the hoody is covering her head you cant see that she is actually bald...i only gave her hair in the front..orz.

im getting close to finishing! just need to make the hands, then onto texturing!

On another note, why i havent updated for the past few days are ... because i got caught up in playing pokemon... and went to friends farewell party, and watched the movie Epic. 

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