Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My tree~ XD

So Weekly shonen jump had a little campaign recently to celebrate Naruto manga selling 100 million books in Japan. A pretty intresting campaign this was, where the publishing group Shueisha and the PresentTree company propsed to plant 7610 trees in the Yamanashi perfecture and naming it the "Naruto's Forest"

alittle more information can be found here --> ANN

And so yesterday i got an air mail from Japan, and I was kind of confused what it was, (it was a good 2 month or so since I entered the drawing) then i read Shueisha, and then i remembered that it was something with the tree planting thing, and it was.

the mail was pretty small, but it had lots of stuff in it, in which one was an illustration done by Masashi Kishimoto (author of Naruto manga) which was pretty sweet.

Anyhow it seems like they will finish the planting process sometime next year, so if i go to japan next year, im gonna go see my tree~! XD

here are some pics of it

Mail from Shueisha~!!

Stuff inside: Illust/certificate/pictures/letter/other random info.

My Certificate of tree! XD

The sweet Illustration

yeap. pretty sweet stuff.

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