Saturday, August 28, 2010


well just came back from a great BBQ, deliciousness.

Been going to a friends BBQ every year around this time, its got great music, company, and especially the food.. GARY's PORK!! is the best.

this is just snack all the good stuff came after...

Dunno what this was called, BUT it was SUPER GOOD!!! great with chips.

Piers (BBQ was planned by his parents and Co) and Yuki.

David and Nikko


Piers dad's band, they are goooood.

Gary's Pork, the best thing! sooo tasty...its so tasty...

that the Bee's eat them too!

Dessert was awesome!! so much ....

and i didnt really take pictures of the whole banquet... cuz there was tons and was too busy eating.. HAHA!

looking foward to next year fo sho!

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P2 said...

waa i wanna eat it!!
especially the dessert...yummm