Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Byakuren Hijiri Steps

I was too lazy to scan the Pencil Sketch, so heres the other sketch.
So here is the process!! ENJOI!

1) Pencil Lineart with outlines to where each shade/light will go with the different colors

2) Lineart done digitally with Photoshop.

3)Make a simple gradient B/G to get a feel to what your B/G will look

4) Insert Base color to each part, make sure to make them seperate layers.

5) Then add shade and light to the works.

6) Add sparkly stuff to make it look pretty.


ZeroSagitary said...

I really appreciated this quick tutorial, simple but very useful!

I'd never used the colors in the sketch, but I saw so many artist using that.

I would try.

Thanks! and Good Job! =D

StudioLessonguy said...

Yeah the process, im not sure what its called, but alot of animators use this method of coloring the sketch before digitilizing it, so they can have a better understanding of where the shades/light will go.