Monday, December 28, 2009

Water Color test

So yesterday i started on a Watercolor piece, and just finished it. Watercolor is very hard material to use... orz.. and this was pretty much a test to see if the comic paper i bought (mentioned on previous entry) and the result... not very good, the paper became almost wrinkly, but since the paper was somewhat heavy, it didnt really rip apart.
XD kinda saw that coming, but it was worth a try.

Im a total noob with water color, im not even sure how to properly use watercolor so that the colors dont mix or smudge out. In the end i just did them quite lightly and some dark, i think it turned out ok for a beginner...

I didnt like how it looked like just with watercolor, so i inked it and made it more bold, i really like my sakura micron pens. They make my drawings like drawings.. (XD) but yeah with the ink i was able to get a more bold image of the picture that i wanted.

Hakurei Reimu and Ibuki Suika, water color.

As you can see in the image that on the right hand side area the paper is a little wedged, it was worse, but i kinda straightened it out, but its still wont go back to being a flat piece of paper. :(

yet again sorry for the quality, i had to take a picture, cuz i dont have a large enough scanner to scan this 11x17 piece of paper...

Over all i dont think we should use the comic book paper for watercolor, better stick with the super heavy bristol or watercolor paper. yup yup

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