Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Bishamonten Sculpture

So for my Sculpture class, we are suppose to make a Public art, to display for the public to see, and i chose to do Bishamonten; the guardian of Fortune and War Lord. Why i chose to do Bishamonten is b/c at our school we have something called the P.U.B, the Pagoda Union Building.
Bishamonten has a role to protect the treasures that are kept safe in the pagoda, so as the protector and the bringer of fortune, i wanted to create him and display him in the P.U.B of our school.

so anyhow, here is the steps i took in making this hunk.

Wire frame: very important! make a wire frame before sculpting, it can really help you keep the sculpture from crashing.

Aluminum Wrap up : Depending on what Clay you use, you can wrap up the wire frame with Aluminum or not, with the clay i used, it really helped to wrap it, because it sticks on very well.

Aluminum Wrap up Finish.

Adding Clay : The clay should stick on fairly easily with the aluminum cover.

After 12 hours of work, 90% done.

Another angle of of 90% done

Close up




Bisha guarding my manga books

Anyhow in total, this project took me a good 15 hours. It was really fun. Next up is maybe an anime sculpture. XDD

Clay i used was the Le Beautouche Plasteline by Chavant.

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