Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Canada Trip Tres!

So at last second we decided to go to Canada today, yay for last minute action!

We were suppose to go earlier this month, but with the weather going crazy we were unsure, but then we found out other people went there with no problem, so we decided to go today!
The weather in Canada was not sunny and bright blue sky, but was rainy and cloudy, but that's nothing special to us, cuz that's the default weather here in Seattle. So pretty much it was like Seattle again, but cleaner. XD

So yeah, today we brought with us Pierson Brooks to Vancouver! last time it was Rory. So we pretty much did our usual routine and ate at. .EZOGIKU ramen.

Then we went to BOOKOFF!!! and spent about a good 2 and a half hour searching for books and such. This time i was short on money so i wasnt able to buy all that much, but i think i was able to get a decent amount for the price i payed. They were also having a 20% off sale too, if you bought over $20 worth of item at the store they will take 20% off, which was really awesome!

Here are the loot!

PaniPoni Vol 8,9 - $2 each
Hidamari Sketch Vol 1, 3 - $2 each
FLCL Vol 1,2 - $2 each
Samurai Champloo Vol 1 - $2
Densha Otoko Vol 1,2 - $2
Saint Young Men Vol 2,3 - $5 each
Total - $28, but in with the 20% off I only needed to pay about $24.

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