Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sculpey fun

So yeah went to the art store and bought myself some sculpey clay to make some sculpture. Its tough stuff, but surely is fun.

So i bought the beige sculpey cuz then i could color it, it was fairly cheap about $1 for a pack.

(here we see the clay out, and the packaged clay.

(forming out what i wanted to make, in this case, im working on making Tewi Inaba from Touhou)

(There we go... finally got some stuff finished... now its lookin more like Tewi)

(This is Tewi's head, the most hardest part of this sculpture.)

(right before i baked it)

(and this is the result after baking for about 40 min.)
(unfortunately while i was baking it, the foot kinda bent, so now it wont stand but with a little support, it stands up straight. :D so all is well.. lessons learned)

(since the head isn't attached, i could move it around, so that's cool lol)

(and to compare size, thats my komachi and Shikieiki figures, looking up to tewi's greatness)

So the next step for me is to sand it, smooth it out and then finally the painting. Hopefully i can get it done by this week, but i have a exam and i gotta study...ugh, why does school take away all the fun...

_, ,_∩

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Nikko said...

Sweet dude, looking forward to the finished piece!