Monday, October 26, 2009

Mushamaru SD gundam

Today i went to my Garage and dug up my Gundam models. I left my HG scale gundams in the garage, cuz they are like garbage.. XD, all i was able to bring out was my 3 SD Mushamaru Gundam Series.

So i was interested in how the differences are between the Inked version of the gundams VS the uninked version... so here are the comparison pictures that i took.

The first two are shots of the gundam before it was inked (lol if you notice, the right arm has already been ink, i totally forgot about this before and after thing until i finished it..XD)



the cool thing was, i used my Copic marker to do the Black and red coloring for some of the parts. I also used the Sakura Pigment pens to do the lines, it turned out pretty sweet, :D

NEXT UP IS prolly the other SD gundams i have, that is... until i get myself a MG Blue frame or Gold Frame Amatsu.

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