Saturday, October 24, 2009

Clean up and Change up day..

So today, after i came back from the Japanese book sale... i was debating on what to do for the rest of the day... so I ended up Cleaning and Changing up my room.

So i had to take out all the manga from my book shelf to move it, so heres the pile of manga thats on my Bookshelf

I got rid of my bed, and now i sleep on the floor with a futon. (futon FTW)

I pretty much re-arranged my table to give me more wall space.

I moved my Manga shelf in front of my desk, so i can have a wall to post pictures onto.

so yeah it was a pretty nice cleaning and changing.

On another fun note...

I opened my Touhou can drinks that i bought in Japan.. lol man they were gross to drink.. except for the grape flavor and the Tea...kinda, the rest was not good...
heres some pictures i took of the can and the drinks..

Remiria Scarlet - Tomato flavor

Marisa Kirisame - Milk tea flavor

Flandre Scarlet - Grape flavor

Reimu Hakurei - Ocha

so yeah, it was a nice day, so lets just hope my midterm quiz will go good.. next

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Kembust said...

Makes me wanna clean my room up....... nahhhh. Hahaha