Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Random Drawing part 3

Still been busy with school for this past few weeks, with all the projects from animation class and my IVA 400 individual work, so much to do so little time...BUT my friend on facebook wanted to do a 365 day drawing challenge, so i felt like that was a good excuse for me to draw something, even one thing a day, would be a good practice for me.

So both on Tumblr and on Facebook, I started posting the one day drawings and also been asking for requests to give me ideas of what to draw.

On my blog here, i'll just upload them as Random drawing part # series. So for those who follow me and have ideas, just let me know~ i love to draw random simple ideas, always a good way to practice.
Just to start off, i wanted to do fan art from the new anime series Magi, the manga is really awesome too. So i hightly recommend the series. The top image is of Morgiana aka Mor.

The second image, requested by a friend, is Jafar from Magi as well.

Been trying to practice color with the complementary color scheme with both characters, I'll hopefully get more chance to do these kinda practices with this challenge.
I know I never went through with the 30 day challenge couple months ago...so Im not sure how long this challenge will last...orz.
I'll do my best!

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