Sunday, October 21, 2012

Random Drawing part 2

I went to school...and worked on my project, but then got bored, so went home and drew these two.

Ugo is pretty much awesome, and Aladdin doing that pose is from one of the chapters, where a huge buff guy portrays Aladdin and so Aladdin tries to copy his gesture and it was hilarious. Probably one of my faveorite scene in the manga.

I started watching Adventure time today. While I worked on the projects, i watched them, its pretty funny, i i thought maybe i can do a simple fanart of it when i go home.

And so here it is, the weirded out my version of adventure time Finn and jake looks old and finn looks like he's about to eat jake... i need more practice XD.

I'll see how much episodes i can watch until i go crazy like them.

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