Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Vancouver once again

It was a good couple months since we last went to Vancouver, the weather report said that it will be cloudy and raining, but they were wrong! :D

It was such a nice weather, no clouds, just the blue sky and the sun. Perfect weather.

We arrived to Vancouver around 330pm. The first stop was KINTARO! the Best ramen place in the NW. (So far)

I probably uploaded this picture before, but its so good im posting it again.

and this is what my friend got...

*drool... oh man sooooo goood.

We then went over to the Crepe shop/Japanese Konbini that was closed last time, but this time it was open so we were able to grab one (with the left over canadian bill)

we got the MatchaAzuki Crepe

The Crepe was delicious, the soft yet chewy dough was just perfect and the matcha icecream and azuki with creme was a great combo, and it was pretty cheap too.

eating teh crepe yo!

Next time I'd like to try these....

sorry the glare is terrible... its suppose to be a strawberry short cake crepe... looks good.

and of course we went to Book off again, but this time not for books, but for CD's.
I was able to find some pretty cheap singles album

Yuki - Wave
Yuki - Commune
Ketsumeishi - Ketsunopolice 3
Suneohair - Fork
Penicillin - This is Penicillin 1994 ~ 1999

Total was about $16 so it was good for the amount.

Well thats about it, cant wait to go back again. Vancouver is such a nice place to visit.

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P2 said...

that looks so delicious...*drools*