Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Spoils i got from Japan

yeah its been like a month since I got back from Japan, but i just felt like uploading the Spoils i got in Japan.

How to Art Books... very useful when drawing...

Gingitsune: one of new favorite series.

Barakamon: Another favorite

Ice Revolution: A series I wanted a while back

Mahoraba: pretty good series, now I have them all

Hyakko: Love it

lucifer and the biscuit hammer: great series.

Yankee-kun to Megane-chan: now im caught up

Sora no Manimani: :D

Onidere: a cute comedy manga

ToraDora: The manga is actually pretty good

Zettai Karen Children: a new series I got into

Cage of Eden: this ones a great manga to read

Hayate no Gotoku: Yay!

Studio Ghibli Artbooks: My Treasure

And for the Touhou fans...

Well thats a Total of 62 manga's and couple artbooks and how to artbooks... that was tough bringing back XD

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