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Shrine Lessonguy

Lessonguy Shrine

Who is Lessonguy?
Lessonguy a fictional manga character designed and created by Yasu kawamura and Seiichi Sugawara.

Lessonguy made his first appearance in 1997 in the comical manga Lesson for Meowth by Seiichi Sugawara, a very short manga about a ninja (Lessonguy) teaching a “Lesson” to Meowth, and then followed by Yasu Kawamura’s Lesson for Eevee. The short manga became popular amongst friends and thus became a series of short “Lesson” manga. The manga revolved around teaching Pocket Monster aka Pokemon, mainly because Pocket Monster was the most popular entertainment for kids. The short series of the Lessonguy manga ended in 2000 with about 10 short “Lesson” manga’s. Lesson for Meowth was the only Lessonguy manga Seiichi created; Yasu created all the other Lessonguy manga.

In year 2000, Yasu started a new short manga with Lessonguy called Lessonguy Fighter as the title says it, it was a free for all battle manga where multiple Lessonguy would battle with each other with many random items and also battle against monsters. This series was not very successful and did not last very long.

Lessonguy’s most popular manga series was created in 2001, Lessonguy and Kirby a story about Ryu (Lessonguys given name in the manga) and his partner Kirby (everyone’s favorite pink puffball) goes on an adventure around the world to battle, just battle, no other reason. Lessonguy and Kirby became very popular (amongst friends) battle manga; guest characters such as Cloud Strife (Final Fantasy VII) and Zidane Tribal (Final Fantasy IX) made appearances. The series went till 2002, developing 6 volumes over the years. In 2003 Yasu attempted to remake the whole Lessonguy and Kirby manga, which ended in failure. There also were rumors about there being a Lessonguy and Kirby Advanced a sequel to Lessonguy and Kirby, but it was never developed.

Later on Lessonguy appears in another manga Omega, a fantasy manga influenced from a mix of Final Fantasy and Naruto. In this manga Lessonguy’s name is Ryu Tsukikage a very generic ninja name. Omega didn't even last one chapter.

Lessonguy then became more of a moniker to Yasu kawamura. Yasu has adapted Lessonguy’s name into his Studio name, which became StudioLessonguy in short StudioLG.

----------------Interesting facts about Lessonguy:----------------
Lessonguy’s design was adopted from a dopy ninja character from a shojo Pokémon manga Pi Pi Pi Adventure aka Magical Pokémon Journey by Yumi Tsukirino.
People often mistake Lessonguy for Bomberman.
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