Saturday, August 9, 2008

Global Peace Festival!

YEAH! today was Global Peace Festival @ Seattle WA!!!

I'm not sure how much people came, but there was a lot more then i expected! it was great!
Was able to meet with a lot of my friends from afar and was able to chill, eating popcorn, teriyaki chicken, cotten candy, and more!

The Entertainment was pretty good too, a bunch of singers and instrument users. The Band 'Lonely Forest' played like for an hour or something and it was sooo loud we had to scream to each other in order to hear. That was painful to my vocal cords.

I didnt do any activity, but the Peace Poster Contest, which i think didnt turn out to be a contest... cuz they didnt announce anything. By far mines was the best fosho. ------->

So yeah, we were able to watch live footage of the actual event @ WA DC. Seemed pretty sweet, didnt get to watch alot of it though.

Overall it was a really good event!

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