Friday, November 8, 2013

Slowtwo process

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Before getting into the process, I just wanted to say that this style is of sido魂↑ who does TONS of Aweesome pokemon fan art with this amazing style! I want to learn to do this kind of style as well when i draw!!

Anyhow, time for my process, (this is not the process which sido魂↑ uses, b/c he doesnt have any tutorials for me to steal) This process is what I took to try and imitate his style..

Rough sketch, here I wanted to figure out which part will eventually get filled in with the black, once figuring out the pose/dark areas I move onto Lineart
Lineart is hard and time consuming...orz
especially when I use a small tablet thats super old, so alot of Ctrl + Z to redo lines...

Base colorrrr
hmm magic wand tool + paint bucket. lol
Simple darker color of the base color, using the lasso tool I made general shade shapes, then went and polished it with the brush/eraser tool.
This one i just used the regular brush to add some highlights here and there, not too hard. :3

The Aura
As a Psychic type its gotta have a nice aura. Using the brush tool i made an outline underneath all the layers (so pretty much background layer) then cleaned it up with eraser tool.

Then adding a shade of Gradient blue over everything to get the subtle color change.

and here we have SLOWTWO

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