Friday, April 19, 2013

digital painting practice 8

Gah i really like the color of green, but i feel like this is the hardest color to control...i can almost never get the shading or the color right, to me it looks really washed out.. not really sure.. more practice is in neeeeed!!!!!

But this image was pretty much the last request from my previous 365 drawing. This can be the finish. Geko doing a drum solo, but the image i had in mind was a geko playing the bongo jamaican style lol....

those eyes behind the shades came out nicely and it was made by accident too.. XD i was trying to make light shades on them but then it looked like eyes behind them so i kept it that way..

I kinda wish i could of of done the bongo's a little better like...more vibrant shade of brown.

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