Sunday, January 30, 2011

Touhou Sketchdumps 1.27.11-1.30.11

havent really been doing any drawing till recently, been going back to the basics and was drawing other stuffz, but finaly i got some "go spirit" to do some other drawings other than boring(but important) basics.

So yeah... YAY more Touhou drawingssssss. Just gonna post random sketch dump stuff... i really like process's so took some pictures of my sketches... over the past few days, each of the drawings were drawn around 9pm-12pm i like to draw more at night. keeps me more consentrated for some reason.. i dunno. Anyhow so each sketch took about 2-3 hours each. (would slack off for half an hour or somthing and go watch some anime XD)

was trying to get some seriousness......but

nope... i guess i cant really do much seriousness..

This one i didnt get pictures of the other process...cuz i didnt really need to.

both put together..sorta.. kinda cool.


Now only if i had a Cintiq then instead of losing led and erasing like crazy..i could draw all day like this... i think i've improved a little..especially in the way of body structure..still far, but def. a little step foward my goal. yep

Hopefully more of these kinda sketch dump.

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Kitsune-Tachii said...

Your drawings are awesome >U<!