Monday, December 6, 2010

Sculpey Project Day 1

Been a while since the last time I used sculpey to make something... last time was... uhh
last year.. sometimes around octoberish. Anyhow, this time I used a tutorial from youtube on "how to make your own Garage kit" which is pretty much making your own figurines. At this point I'm just going to be focusing on just making the model and not making any resin kits...cuz its too much work and I dont know how to do it so well.. atm.

Anyhow today is the first day of the project, went over to the local hardware store and found some Epoxy Putty, god those things smell sooooo bad...

So with the quick hardening epoxy putty, i made the body parts and stuff, those things harden like in 5 min.

Then drilling 1,5 mm hole into each part and attaching them with steel wire, creating an armature of the figure.

Then i used more putty to fill in the open area, creating the body.

After the putty armature finished, i added white sculpey onto it. Also started on the first part of making the head.

Just another shot of how it looks so far.

Made the eye and mouth for the piece.

And I put them into the oven and baked them for a good 30-40min and now they is hard, just gotta do some sanding here and there, then I gotta move onto phase 2. The detail works.

So far so good i guess... just gotta see how far i can go with this. Day 2 tomorrow.

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