Saturday, November 20, 2010

Oreimo Contest

So ANN is having another contest, the prize is actually really awesome.

More info can be found HERE

Anyhow, In a nutshell, ANN has 2 contest... and the requirement is to go watch Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Na and/or togainu no chi, depending on what you want to enter... For the Oreimo (shortened) all you have to do is draw a Fan art of Oreimo, and not sure about the Togainu one, but i heard its a Cosplay im guessing dress up as the characters in the series..idk... im not interested in the togainu contest anyways XD.

here is a sneak peak of what i have working in progress for the Oreimo contest.

So hopefully over the weekend i could start the inking and hopefully coloring. I'll probably make a art process page for it.


P2 said...

waa u draw kirino so good!...
i hope u win...
this contest is only for the united states?...;A;

StudioLessonguy said...

thanks! wish me luck.

yeah unfortunatley i think the contest is only for the united states... :(

P2 said...

Good luck!!...>_<

aaw...oh well.. i couldnt enter it even if its available in malaysia cause of my hub...orz...