Friday, June 25, 2010 T-shirt design and such.

So as you may already know that cafepress didnt work out, so I moved to Zazzle and uploaded my designs there. I heard there were some issues of other people selling touhou items on that site, so I tested it out to see what comes of it. So couple days ago I ordered one of my Got Sake design, and today, I just got it in the mail.

So, so far so good, no problem with any issues, so if your interested in getting some of my t-shirt(and other merchandise) visit my Zazzle site here

My Zazzle store

Opened the package and WALA! my t-shirt!

it was a lot better than i thought it would be, so that was cool.

heres some pictures of the t-shirt i got.

once again, if your interested order them at my Zazzle store

My Zazzle store

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Pierz said...

Lol nice dude.