Thursday, June 18, 2009

Remilia Scarlet process

My Process in making Remilia Scarlet picture... made this cuz some one was being so annoying asking for the you know who it is...

Process 1: Lineart ~ 2-3 hours

Process 2: BackGround ~ 30 min

Process 3: Base Color ~ 2 hours

Process 4: Shading/Lighting ~ 3 hours

Process Final: BackGround final ~ 2 hours

Well thats it folks. the process took about ... 10-15 hours all together..
seems like my level of coloring and drawing got a step higher.
so yeah hopefully i can make more kool stuff later on and so on so on....


Pierz said...

Heh heh ....alllllright!

This looks pretty damn slick son! I'm glad you added the nifty moon thing and the five pointed start she's above. The all really adds to the overall composition. Looks very complete.

Colors are all really good too. Quite dark and foreboding.

U done good mang...u done good~!

Gj my friend!

StudioLG said...

yep i'm the best

Shiyu said...

I am really like to see the Fuan no Tane Plus however there is no chance to get it here in the UK....

how are they telling stories?

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