Thursday, April 16, 2009

My Nutrition Class notes! yeah!

So because of many essays and other school crap, the only time i could do any drawing is during my Nutrition class! XD so it kinda sucks and its kinda chill...:?
i'll be posting all my "notes" so far... XDDD

more to come... prolly..

Fujiwara no Mokou... 3/30/09

Cirno and Lily White...3/31/09

Suika ... 4/01/09

Tewi and Reisen... 4/02/09

Reimu 4/03/09

Ran and Chen 4/06/09

Shikeiki 4/07/09

Manly Cirno 4/09/09

Reimu and Suika 4/10/09

Advent Cirno 4/13/09

Fujiwara no Mokou 4/15/09

Reisen 4/16/09

1 comment:

Pierz said...

Haha those are great dude. Classroom doodles are always fun :)

And for that one...manly Cirno...that still makes me laugh. And I'm still surprised u were able to pull of a realistic looking face too hahah Gj gj.