Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Good Bye Fall and Welcome Winter!

so yeah the Fall quarter is about to end, Finals week is next week. wohooo....actually its not that bad, cuz all i have is a final for math, and we get to use notes. So it'll be a pretty easy.

I finally finished my Animation project in Bob's class,

This Quarter i guess i would say was the worst quarter yet... English and Math class is not a really good combo to take in one quarter... especially b/c i really dislike writing research papers and solving bunch of math problems... that isnt really nesecary for my Art.

After this quarter i get about 3 weeks of break till next Quarter, so thats good. :D more drawings!
and work on some Azumanga Parody Animation.

My next quarter schedule is ...

History of Jazz
Sculpture 1
Animation Art History.

I kinda like this schedule, its gonna be great. Winter quarter is gonna be a blast, from the looks of this schedule i dont think i'll be getting overwhelmed by HW.

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