Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Fall Semester Begins

So yeah, Finally after the long summer. School started! yay~!

so here are my classes...

English 102: Finally got into this class, been going after this class for 2 quarters and FINALLY got in. English 102, the first time i heard about this class i was worried, cuz we had to write a 10-12 pages (of course double spaced :D) report about the legal system or whatever it was I DIDNT like it. But this class we get to either stick with the detective fiction topic or find a topic ourself and do a research paper! Yatta! i think its gonna be exciting.

Drawing for Animation(2): yup my second time doing this class, so i'm in the advanced class. SOO much things to do, and its gonna be SOO much fun. The first project seems kinda boring... we have to put sound affects to our final animation we did last quarter, I dont want to do that... i'd rather make another little animation and add sound affects. Then we move onto making an self-portrait of ourself and do a lip-syncing animations, i'm kinda excided about that. And finally the last project is making an animated Commercial, sounds awesome. This Class is gonna be quite busy thats for sure.

Math 70: lol This class is... Mega-sa easy, i mean we were able to answer the problem the second our teacher put it up on the board.. XD shoot, so far this class is like a joke.. yeah totally...

Those are my classes this quarter, I think i'm gonna be really busy and gonna have alot of fun(i hope)


Now here something that has nothing to do with my school, i found this and i thought this was helarious, you all gotta see this

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